Jun 16th Enjoying all the new features in cPanel version 88 and the full overhaul of our WebMail?

As promised, the upgrades to your award-winning hosting control panel, cPanel is now complete. You'll find many old features that have been streamlined, some additions to our security modules, and most of all, the change many of our clients have been commenting on - the complete overhaul of the RoundCube webmail interface. You love it and we love ... Read More »

May 26th Announcing cPanel v88 and Roundcube v88 - Two GREAT upgrades

We'll shorlty be upgrading cPanel (your control panel) to the latest version: v88. Along with a number of great enhancements (full details to follow shortly, we are also upgrading (long overdue from the developer), Roundmail 1.4, which sees one of the biggest overhauls since Roundcube began all those many years ago.We hope our clients will enjoy ... Read More »