So Christmas is over and the tree is looking like the cat has had it's fun with the baubles. If Santa didn't bring you everything you wanted then we're got some good news for you. 

Launching on January 31st we're having a big shake up with our hosting plans. We're introducing a new range of hosting packages with something to fit everyone's needs - We're making web hosting available to everyone from just £2.49 a month. They'll be a choice of either our 'Essential' range which are aimed at the budget conscious and first time users and we're also adding the 'Power' range for those with multiple or resource hungry websites. The Premium range includes 'LiteSpeed' technology (also included in our Essential range) but also includes increased server resources, turbo hardware and speed acceleration software including 'Redis' and 'Memcached'. In simple terms, thismeans your website will run like the wind and become more responsive than ever before.

We've worked hard behind the scenes to make these new plans the best you'll find and ensure that no matter what your needs or budget, there's a hosting plan for everyone - We hope you enjoy them!

PS: For existing users who wish to upgrade/downgrade, simply raise a ticket in your Client Portal and we'll be happy to assist you.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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