On 10 June 2014, shorter, sharper ‘example.uk’ domain names became available for the first time alongside ‘example.co.uk’, ‘example.org.uk’ and so on. This represents the biggest modification of the UK namespace since it began. Any unique ‘example.uk’ domain name (e.g. one that does not have an equivalent name already registered as a .co.uk or a .org.uk) is available to register in the normal way.

However, over 10 million existing UK Domain Family customers are being offered the shorter equivalent of their current address, with five years to decide whether they want to use it in addition to, or instead of the domain they already have. In the small proportion of instances where there could be competition – e.g. where one person holds example.co.uk and another holds example.org.uk – the new .uk domain will be offered to the .co.uk registrant.

If you registered a .co.uk domain, before 28th October 2013, then you can claim your reserved .uk domain name simply clicking on the following link: https://portal.hostsolutions.co.uk/?m=claimyouruk

For more detail on the new .uk domain and release process, please see our information dedicated hub here at dotuklaunch.uk.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

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