As promised, the upgrades to your award-winning hosting control panel, cPanel is now complete. You'll find many old features that have been streamlined, some additions to our security modules, and most of all, the change many of our clients have been commenting on - the complete overhaul of the RoundCube webmail interface. You love it and we love it! It's like a new phone arriving in the post, the anticipation of sliding the box and peeling back the plastic cover - but it's only when you start to engage in its features that you get that warm, tingly feeling (erm, or is that just us?).

Either way, this is just one of the many changes for the better we do every day of the week. Our technical staff and are always looking of ways to improve the overall experience of hosting your website, domains and software applications with Host Solutions.

Of course, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, along with millions of other businesses, we've had a bumpy ride, but our absolute promise was to stay operational, secure and reliable. With the dedication of our team and renting out the company cat, we've managed to achieve that goal. Sadly, many have not been so lucky. If you are one of those businesses that need some help with bouncing back, get in touch with us today, because as well as our 'example' packages, we can tailor-make any hosting plan for you, offer a totally free professional SiteBuilder and offer 24/7 support if ever you need it, all for an extremely low price.

We decided right from the outset that if our business survived the Covid-19 pandemic, we would ensure the work ethic we always lived by for the last 12 years of trading, will continue to flow and to help us become an even better web host.

Our promise to you is, (and always has been) to provide a fast, reliable, secure and intuitive hosting service that gives you everything you could possibly need, without having to pay extra – unlike the ‘big players’, with us, the price we advertise is the price you pay at the checkout. No hidden extras, only options, so that you can tailor-make your package the way you want it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

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