We'll shorlty be upgrading cPanel (your control panel) to the latest version: v88. Along with a number of great enhancements (full details to follow shortly, we are also upgrading (long overdue from the developer), Roundmail 1.4, which sees one of the biggest overhauls since Roundcube began all those many years ago.

We hope our clients will enjoy the updates, especially the Roundcube Webmail upgrade along with many enhancement and bug fixes in cPanel v88. During the upgrade, there will be no loss of service, although some clients on shared hosting may see a slight speed decease in spped for an hour or so as we migrate some 4000+ e-mail accounts.

Once eveything is updated, we'll release the notes, setting out all the fixes and changes to both cPanel and RoundCube.

The Host Solutions Team

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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